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MoveOn Text Team Pledge

We ask that our Text Team volunteers, as representatives of MoveOn, make the following commitments so that our texting work will be effective, constructive, and consistent with our values and goals. 

  1. I will be respectful and constructive in my interactions when texting. I understand that I am representing MoveOn, so I will always use language that is consistent with MoveOn’s values. I will never use profanity or other offensive or insulting language.
  2. I will be respectful and constructive in my interactions with team leaders and my fellow volunteers.
  3. I will carefully read and follow instructions from team leaders and respond in a timely manner when a team leader reaches out to me.
  4. I will do my best to complete texting assignments that I have committed to. If for any reason I am unable to do so, I will follow MoveOn texting procedures to ensure my work will be completed.
  5. I will follow MoveOn Text Team rules and legal requirements. I will not send texts outside of authorized hours. In accordance with federal law, I will always send each text manually, never using any methods that automate sending out texts.
  6. I will keep my texting accounts protected and secure. I understand that they are intended for my use only, and I will not share my logins or passwords with others. I will always sign out from all accounts after using them, especially if I am on a shared computer.
  7. I will not engage in dangerous or illegal behavior such as texting while driving.
  8. I will ask team leaders for guidance whenever I am in doubt about how to carry out my texting assignments or how to respond to replies that I receive.