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You did it!!!


Congratulations!! You aced the knowledge check. Welcome to the MoveOn Text Team!

We will be sending an email shortly that provides information about creating your Slack and Spoke accounts, instructions to help you start texting, and some other helpful resource links.

If you haven’t received this email fairly quickly, please double check your email’s spam/junk folder. Failing that, please send an email to textteam@moveon.org and someone will reach out to assist you.

Please make note of the information below which you provided previously. You’ll need to enter it when prompted as you set up your new accounts.

  • Email: <<ActionKit Email Address>>
  • Full Name: <<ActionKit First Name>><<space>><<ActionKit Last Name>>
  • First Name: <<ActionKit First Name>>
  • Last Name: <<ActionKit Last Name>>
  • Cell Phone: <<ActionKit Cell Phone>>

Welcome aboard!!

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